pp tape raffia extrusion plant

pp tape raffia extrusion plant Key Features

  • Granulate Hopper with Hopper Loader
  • Online energy meter for monitoring energy consumption
  • PLC system for precise plant operation
  • Lower energy consumption
  • per kg for complete tapeline with winders
  • Online meter for monitoring energy consumption
  • Temperature control system
  • AC frequency drive control system for complete plant for energy saving and maintenance free installation
  • precise tension control and higher line speeds
  • Energy Efficient vacuum type tape extraction unit
  • Combined stretching and annealing unit with hot and cool godets
  • Energy efficient Hot Air Oven with Two Separate Phase Angle
  • Take Off Unit with increased height and five point suction system for better drying of film Online Gauging System
  • Quenching Tank with parallel Quenching or film for fast cooling
  • Coat Hanger T Die with increased cross section with serrated or plain lip
  • Continuous or Standard Screen Changers

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